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Is anyone watching Mars?

By which I mean the TV show on the National Geographic Channel.

It’s a fantastic mix of non-fiction (scientists in the present day talking about the challenges of going to Mars) supporting fiction (a sci-fi narrative set in the future, about the first manned mission landing on Mars and establishing a base). The acting is good enough; the effects and setting are pretty well done. I want to send fan mail to some of those scientists. All in all, I think it’s a pretty excellent show. Season 1 has six 45-minute episodes, and Season 2 started last night — they’re available on demand or on the Nat Geo site.


I haven’t watched the S2 opener yet, just finished S1 last night. There are some pretty compelling, infuriating, inspirational, and heartbreaking realities surrounding the spirit of exploration vs. the costs and people’s willingness to pay it. Good stuff.

(Could someone please share to O-Deck? I don’t have privs there, but I bet this show has some audience among those folks. Thanks!)

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