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Is Anyone Watching Masters Of Sex Tonight? (Very Mild Spoilers)

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I've actually already seen the first two episodes because I have superior internet-ing skills and found them both, but I haven't heard much talk about it except for the mention Jez gave it a while back.


I really like it incidentally. Lizzy Caplan is one of my favourite people ever so that helped, but so far, the show deals a lot with sexual politics, and the idea that sex for women can be for pleasure without being for love. I remember that the first thing I thought after watching the episodes was "thank GOD, we're not quite that repressed anymore!" There was a particularly hilarious (in a cringe-worthy way) scene where a male character tries to convince a female character to give him a BJ, and she's TERRIFIED to put her mouth on his dick. So then he offers to go down on her first to show her it feels good and she freaks out and says "You mean put your MOUTH on it?!" I laughed. I really did. I'd have been such a social pariah if I lived in those times! (I mean, I would have been anyway, because black woman but still...)

So, is anyone gonna watch? It looks really interesting, and they do a pretty good job so far at least of showing that women can be in control of their own pleasure, and that it doesn't make them perverse.

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