TW Shameless has some graphic content of various natures, mostly sexual, also spoilers if you're not up to speed on season four.

What the hell are they doing to Fiona???????? UGHGHGHGH she is my favorite female character on TV but this season they are making her into a sex addict and it's just not cool. Like, yes I get it, it's Showtme so gratuitous nudity has to come from somewhere but I didn't expect they would completely dismantle such a strong female character like this.

Not only that but she's lost all the qualities I loved about her. This series started off with her being independent and not giving a shit and now she's completely co-dependent on her boss/boyfriend and apparently can't control her sexual behavior which is just total bullshit, Fiona has always been in control of that, this sex addict plot is just so wrong for this show.

The thing I loved about Fiona was that she was so in control of her sexuality from the beginning and everyone else seemed to be fumbling around with it.



ETA please understand that sex addiction is not just limited to people having lots of sex with lots of people and it is a form of addictive behavior. Just because you think it's a silly term doesn't mean it isn't a serious issue that affects people and it can manifest in ways that are not "obvious" as sexual addiction. It's not just an excuse famous people use to vindicate their behavior.