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The article published today looks not just at Batman and other caped superheroes but the history of secret identities in Jewish history it also links in about how Jewish children must have felt during this era and Nazi Germany.


Double link cause kinja.

Prior to reading the article I would have said Bruce Wayne is the very definition of a WASP. A White AngloSaxon Protestant a person who would have gone to same Church growing up as the Bush family if they lived in same town.

Although Wayne more then likely is now agnostic. Did he ever take Damien to Church Or Synagogue?


Also DC Universe has Lucifer and Judas (Phantom Stranger) as main JudeoChristian Biblical characters, Ares, Zeus along with made up Gods for DC. Lucifer and Ares are both children of Gods. I suspect Wonder Woman would spend two seconds defeating Lucifer, at least the Lucifer on the tv show. I suspect WW and Maze would be pals. Yet in DC Universe there seems to be no hierarchy for most powerful God. Or is there a hierarchy?


On Xena as powerful as the Greek and other Gods were as soon as the JudeoChristian God asserted power the other Gods were swept away leaving just Ares and Aphrodite as more symbols then anything else. I think some other regional Gods stayed but near powerless in comparasion.

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