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Is Body Building Still A Thing? Any Body Builders Here?

Note I am not talking about being a Dr Frankenstein. I am talking about more weightlifting, dieting and exercise to being a body builder.

My cousin who I wrote about yesterday was big into weightlifting and had lots of body building friends. He was 250 at least and all muscle I am not sure if he was or strived to be a body builder. He knew the poses and loved showing off his legs and upper body to my mother and late grandmother. He is slightly older then my mother. This was 1970s and 80s so he would have been 30s to late 40s. He also brought over lots of body building magazines and books. He was in that lifestyle.


In the late 80s he was vehemently opposed to call any body builder a body builder from drugs. He believed body building came from weightlifting, diet and exercise.

Back in the 90s body building became more integrated with ESPN airing men and women’s body building competition. I know it takes an incredible anount of hard work to be a body builder. It takes years of dedication to do this. Those who do not do the drugs that is.


Growing up he would sometimes bring a body building friend over. I have never known a group of men less inhibited when it comes to displaying their upper bodies. I do not want to compare them to those idiots who send dick pictures. When they came with my cousin they would ask if my mother or grandmother wanted to see their muscles. Also unlike the idiots who send dick pictures these men worked very, very hard to get their bodies in that shape. Of course they would want you to ask questions about how long and how they got their muscles on their arms, stomach, chest whatever.

Also looking back unlike the dick picture idiots there really was not anything sexual about it. They were just proud of their muscles and body with all the work.


Note body builders does not equal being fighters. They are strong very strong but as my cousin and his friends would say to me they would be knocked out in a minute in any boxing gym. Its two different skill sets they overlap in some areas like weightlifting but that’s all.

I always been in awe of body building. I think this is the one of the hardest thing to do when shaping ones body naturally. I could be very wrong.


I am defining body building like the body builders of 70s Arnold S, Steve Reeves and Charles Atlas. I am not sure if there are any popular body builders today. I would define The Rock as having a wrestler’s body and a fighter’s body but a body builder to me their muscles are far more defined almost exaggerated and lacking a purpose beyond displaying. The Rock looks like his body was solely sculpted to fight.

So is it still a thing or has it died out with the apex being the 70s to early/mid 80s. Any body builders here?

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