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Welcome To The Bitchery

He was sentenced for 33 years for kidnapping. Nine years is quite short of that. If this was a nonviolent offense I can see good behavior helping him. Kidnapping is not a nonviolent crime.

He also owes 33 million which he spent not a dime to pay to the Goldman family. Does this also include his wife (Nicole Brown) family? Not sure.

I realize he was not found guilty of Nicole Brown or Ron Goldman’s death in criminal court but was held responsible in civil court shouldn’t that count in parole hearing considering he deliberaty ignored the judgment?


I hope he goes away forever never to be seen again. I had expected this sentence to have done this. So it looks like he may be on reality tv. He better not show up on Dancing With The Stars.

If released I hope parole officer says he must stay in Nevada.

Well Simpson if released will be a wealthier man considering his pensions will be just sitting there in banks etc gaining interest for nine years. Of course none will be to pay the victims families. Not sure why pensions are excluded. Anyone know?

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