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Is dating awful?

I am what they call a serial monogamist. It's what I do. I jump from one long term relationship to another with impressive efficiency. It's been two months since my break up, and this is genuinely the longest period (by a lot) I've spent without a significant other.

This time, I ended up moving back to NZ and back in with my parents almost as soon the ex (known as compulsive liar douchebro extraordinaire, or CLYDE for short) dumped my sorry ass when I was going through an incredibly rough and vulnerable time.

Side note: FUCK YOU, CLYDE. Stop emailing me. We are not friends. You are a bad person.


ANYHOO, because of my circumstances, I haven't fallen into my pattern of jumping into another relationship straight away, and I want to avoid it when I get to Melbourne.

But I want to DATE once I move. I like meeting people. So here are my questions:

How do you date? How do you find people to go on dates with? Is the only point of dating to try and find someone to settle down with, or can it be done on an on-going basis just for fun? Is it actually the worst?

Also I really like having sex, and this seems like a good way to get some of that also.


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