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Is David Bowie God? (alt. title: would it be weird to start a Bowie-specific religion?)

I’m very sad, like the rest of us. Why does David Bowie’s death strike such a chord? Other than it being unexpected, a celebrity death has never affected me this way. I’m not even like, a diehard fan. Just a regular fan. I didn’t even realize he just dropped an album.

I think it struck a chord because we thought he was immortal. If Bowie can die, I can die.

I was up not sleeping all night and decided to just get up and start my day around 4am. I think my spider-sense knew. I sensed a shift in the world.


I had this train of thought, reading comments and FB posts and whatnot.

  • “I wonder what David Bowie would be feeling to read all of these things about him”
  • “He’s probably looking down on us reading this. He knows what we’re saying. He knows how we are reacting.”
  • “Wait a second, I don’t believe in god.”

I literally came the closest I’ve been (in like 20 years) to a religious thought because of David Bowie. I didn’t even have those “looking down on me” thoughts for my grandparents and other people close to me I’ve lost over my life.

The obvious thing is that he’s looking down on us from space right? I want to go to space when I die.

True fact: My husband wants his ashes sent to space when he dies. I hope that’s not as expensive whenever that happens....



I am listening to Bowie’s final album, Black Star, right now on Spotify. I like it so far. It’s suiting my mood; I wasn’t ready to listen to the Bowie I’ve always known yet. I needed a different Bowie to mourn this morning. Bowie’s music is so timeless - it still has his sound, feels both old-fashioned but not out of place at all.


I keep getting chills and tears in my eyes that the man recorded (and maybe wrote) these songs when he knew he was dying of cancer, I presume.


RIP, Brother.

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