With actual physical pain?

Because my physical body said "oh, you thought emotional toil was hard enough? SUCKAAAA." and decided to get busy making everything ELSE suck.

Now everything hurts - my neck hurts, my shoulders hurt, my knees are killing me (and okay, they're already fucked, I'm the person who says "it's too cold, my knees hurt" and "it's going to rain because my knees hurt, fucked up ligaments from being a clumsy fool will do that to ya), even my goddamn fingers hurt. My digestive region is uncomfortable all the time, unless I eat only the blandest foods. I don't normally get headaches, but I have woken up with really bad drumline-on-the-brain headaches this entire week.

I'm drinking as much fluid as I can - but plain water makes me want to gag suddenly and all the (non-caffeinated) tea in the world isn't helping either. At this point, I'm having to force myself to drink water and eat. (I don't think I have the flu or anything else, either. No fever, no nothing, just lack of appetite and nausea.)

It's like the last bit of enjoyment I could muster (for good food and tea) has been stripped from me.