Seriously, guise. It's not as if he's funny, or particularly witty. He doesn't add anything to his stories. They read like he's just slapped them together with the bare minimum effort and the sensitivity of a block of granite. They aren't researched, they have no depth, and more often than not his attempts at humor shove his foot firmly down his throat.

In the piece he just posted on Jezebel on chihuahua rescue, there's no rhyme or reason to the comments he's taking out of the grey - to cite one example, he un-greyed one that was a reply to a comment he left greyed, which is...weird. And at that, it's a comment advocating just killing the dogs because "they don't even know what death is." What the actual fuck does that add to the discussion?

Really, he just should have been dumped after the Chris Brown debacle. Or does Jez think they have to keep a man on staff, and is too lazy to find a better writer? I'd nominate Ubertrout in a heartbeat.