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Is ette For Name Endings Coming Back?

My mother and her mother had folks they knew with names like Jeanette, Georgette. These were in their generation and one thing they all had in common was their parents came from Quebec.

Growing up I cannot recall a single one with an ette at the end of their name. I know old Hollywood had Paulette Colbert and a few Jeanettes but since? None I can think of except for characters like in Mary Tyler Moore (Georgette who married Ted Baxter) and Desperate Housewives (Lynette).

Yet here is this character in a commercial Janette. Is ette coming back in style and just skipped my generation?


I know ette is French so is this more common with Quebec ties then Parisian? My examples growing up could be anecdotal. Also I don’t know why parents would name their daughter (Name)Little. Ette means little. I can see it for a nickname but not on the Birth Certificate. Its not even like Jr since Jr is seperate and the father is named the same.

I know random kinda stupid question. It got me curious and made me think of any women with an ending of ette as classmates growing up. I came up with zero.

Any experts on names?

Also what would be the companion suffix for male names? I can only think of iel which is Hebrew.

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