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Is fertility worth this? >:(

Okies... this is going to be a TMI post, so if you're squicky about lady moon times, here's a kitten and feel free to click out :D

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Soo as many of you know mrchien and I are one of those special infertile couples where we both have issues. But our doctors told us to keep trying the clomid cuz it only takes one determined swimmer. So we're trying.

But this isn't about that, this is about month two of the hormones. Because that's far more interesting and relevant to me at the moment.


When I was given the clomid they listed a whole bunch of possible side effects and of course i've had several of them. Hot flashes, yup. I can now relate to women going through the change. I may invest in some of them there pajamas, might as well stock up now cuz i'm not that far from the change.

Next symptom was mood swings aka random crying jags for no reason at all. The following conversation is the new norm in the chatchien household.


Mrchien: Why are you crying? You ok?

LeChat: It's just sooo sad, everything is soo sad. I don't know why, i'm just sad today.


Mrchien: What day of the hormones are you on?

LeChat: I think i'm on day four.... i just want to cry some more...

Mrchien: ooooo here's some of your favorite chocolate, some soft tissues and let's put something soothing on tv...oh and please remember to drink more water... or tea.


LeChat: I love you *sniff* (insert loud snot filled noise as i use the tissues, cuz my nose seriously runs when i cry)

But nowhere in the literature did they tell me that i'd have CRAMPS!!! Look, for years my monthly moon times consisted of me looking at my pill pack and realizing that the reason i was crying and feeling fat was because i was on day 2 of the white pills. This meant i needed to wear pads when i went to bed that night cuz i value my sleep and my sheets! It was a trade-off, infertility for pain free months.


But this past week that has all changed. I woke up a couple of days ago convinced that my korean bbq pig out had damaged my kidneys. All my sisters of the blood who get cramps always got them in the front, none in the back!! And unlike those sisters i haven't had years of practice or learning what works for my body. I just woke up to three days of constant pain in my kidney area and feeling really spacy. Ibuprofen, only sorta helped.

It was soo bad i called the nurses hotline because i've never been in pain like this before. Luckily the nurses were able to pull up my chart, took a good long look at it and promptly suggested cramps, cuz hormones. Did i mention that i was changing feminine protection items like they were going out of style?!? Yup, at nearly forty years of age, i had my first bout of cramps, in my back, with no warning at all!! I checked the literature they gave, and NOTHING!!! I may be a wee bit bitter, because i had things i wanted to get done and instead i ended up in bed with a hot pad and timer so i wouldn't OD on painkillers. I am convinced that the nurses are still talking about me, cuz i had no idea cramps could be in your back. :/


Oh and I mentioned this to the fertility doc and she said that she's heard of it happening, but on the bright side, i'm still popping out eggs... yay?

Has anyone else had their monthly moon times decide to change things up to keep you on your toes? Any tips for how to prepare for the next month? Does Motrin really work? Or would the caffeine keep me awake?

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