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Is GT and Gawker gone if Hulk Hogan wins?

As most know Gawker posted a sex tape of Hulk Hogan. I did not watch nor have any intention to. Anyways Hogan as you know is suing Gawker of which GT is part of for 100 million dollars. I cannot picture Gawker worth that nor can I picture them surviving if they lose.

I would think Hogan has a case since the judge did not reject it out of hand. On one hand I think anyone who posts sex tapes and do not have permission should pay a huge, huge penalty to them. Yet in this instance we would lose GT and for this I feel guilty about since its selfish.


Even Gawker defense seems stupid which seems to be “Hogan wrote about his sex life and talked about it plus we have first amendment rights.” Just because one talks about sex does not mean they want to be seen having sex. Also there are privacy laws. Also just because a person records themselves naked or having sex does not mean its for the public. In a world in which people are taping themselves in the privacy of their home there needs to be penalties for those who share it since by sharing it not just violates privacy but impacts potentially their future financially and socially.

Maybe Gawker can survive a 100 million dollar loss. I do not see how. I wish Gawker could just publicly apologize and reach a settlement. Maybe give Hogan 10 percent of the company.

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