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Is Huma Abedin Today's Alfred Dreyfus?

In high school we were taught about the Dreyfus Affair. A French Military Officer in the 1890s falsely accused of giving secrets to Germany. We learned that he was Jewish and became the embodiment and face of the antisemitic feelings in France at the time. I am starting to see that with Huma Abedin. That she is becoming what Alfred Dreyfus was. She is becoming the face of antiMuslim hate and paranoia what Dreyfus was to France.

The latest is the reference Trump made about her mother who edits a magazine which the far right call Radical Muslim publication. Its not true. But neither were the spying charges against Dreyfus.



Maybe its a dumb analogy but this article made me think back to high school and the Dreyfus Affair. I also linked the wiki page of the Dreyfus Affair.

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