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Ok, so I go to the spa about once a month. Lies! I go three times: Facial, waxing, and to stock up on products. They always give me a discount, I'm on a first name basis with everyone who works there, and they're on a first name basis with me.

My first idea was to bring in chocolates from a nice store...except the prices are too damn high. Also, I'm lazy and it's raining and I'm not spending 90 bucks on chocolate.

My current idea is a lovely note, addressed to the entire staff, and a personal one to the woman who I always book with for facials and waxing. I have really nice stationary and I like writing notes.


Is this proper etiquette to write this kind of note? I am really grateful for literally everyone that works there-they've helped me with picking out services, products, and the discount they kindly give me. They go above and beyond, are so friendly, and I've never had a bad experience there.

Should I start with "To all of my friends at [The Best Spa Ever], I would like to wish each and every one of you a wonderful holiday season..."

But I'm hung up on what to say about how nice they are and stuff. They're not close friends, but I absolutely don't want to refer to them in a way that screams "People that cater to my every whim." I don't know.

Seriously, they are the best people.

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