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Let’s play a game: Is It Cray?

Somewhat in the vein of Thatz Not Okay, Is It Cray is when you write an idea you have/something you’re about to do, and your fellow Groupthinkers can respond with That Shit Cray or Cray? No Way!


I’ll start!

Is It Cray to go to a wedding showcase when you’re not technically engaged yet? Say the ring is in your boyfriend’s sock drawer, but life has been so hectic that the proposal hasn’t happened yet. But you know you both want to get married next year. And say the showcase is happening at your dream venue, featuring a lot of the vendors you’re curious about, with the possibility of cake samples and discounts! You’ve been looking into this venue for a year now, and you’ve never seen an event like this, and you’re not sure when you will again!

What do you say, GT? Is It Cray?

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