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Is it crazy to think...

That I'm in the wrong country?

Masterpiece Theater is on Netflix with the story of Casanova. Played by freaking David Tennant! And Peter O'Toole! It's funny, and heartwarming, and heartbreaking, all at the same time. It's not often that I laugh and cry within the same show, but British television has done just that. First I discovered Dr. Who and main lined that. And now it's 1am eastern time and I refuse to go to bed until I finish Casanova.

I wish American TV was this good. Is it selfish and incredibly stupid that I wish to live in Britain because your writers are smarter? Not just writers, but everyone. I know there are crazies, they exist everywhere. Ever since I was a small child, I've had on and off pen pals. We all do, I think. Mine have always been from Great Britain. Different cities, usually London. I think that's just how those pen pal companies work? Anyway, from school to school (I moved A LOT as a child) I'd get a pen pal or my class would get a sister class, and always British. No, I lie. The pen pal I had in middle school was from Cardiff. But regardless, you get the idea. It's like something has been pulling me there my whole life. My fear is, what if I visit, and know I'm meant to be there? Become like the girl in one of the new IHTM's on XoJane? She sounds spoiled, and not a bit thankful*. Or come back to Pennsylvania and be miserable? I feel like it would not be a win-win situation.


I'm sure I'm simplifying things to a ridiculous level, but when I look at pictures, or talk about traveling, London is first. I feel like my heart and soul belong in London on such a deep level. I'm starting to sound insane, babbling about a place I've never even been to. Does anyone else have a deep seated desire, or seem to physically need, a certain place in the world? Is it possible that our souls are from somewhere specific, but flung out, into the world and into us, to only yearn to return home? Or am I completely insane and should go back to lurking?

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