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Is It Just Me?

...Or has Jezebel actually been trying lately to be noticeably more inclusive and diverse?

I'm not about to forgive and forget or anything seeing as they still haven't even pretended to apologize for their numerous and varied infractions, but I feel like there's at the very least a bare minimum attempt to not be such shitty feminists thing going on, and for a Gawker publication that's probably as big a shift as we're gonna get.


By my count there are at least two new women of colour on staff, and even though they've both already managed to write some... questionable things, I think Hilary in particular seems to be doing a pretty great job.

In addition to that, the Beyoncé-gate coverage has not been... as terrible as it could have been. And I feel like I'm seeing more stories about women across a wider spectrum of experiences. They could be doing a lot more, but I feel like lots of this is stuff they just wouldn't have even bothered to cover 6 months ago. If only they could stop with the incessant Kim & Kanye hate I might be able to unclench. (SHADDAP, I will hear no blasphemy.)


I am pleasantly surprised, but I remain suspicious.

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