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Is it possible to become a morning person?

I really want to become a morning person. I become one when I’m in LA because I just force myself to never adjust to the time difference (and I guess it’s easy when all you have to do in the day are vacation and leisure activities). But back in my normal life in New York, I revert to my night owl ways and press snooze on my alarm in the morning until I’m running half an hour late for work.

I want to start waking up 30 minutes earlier every morning (well from when I’m supposed to wake up and not my snooze time) to have a cup of tea, stretch and do my barre. I do this on my days off and it makes me feel amazing for the rest of the day and seems to get my body ready for any other physical stuff I do later on even if I’m not technically warm anymore.


I did it today actually, and it felt great! But it only worked because I told my boyfriend to yell at me until I got out of bed. And as great as it was, I don’t feel like I’ll be motivated to do it tomorrow without the yelling.

How can I make this a habit? Has anyone here ever successfully turned into a morning person?

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