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Is it possible to fix people?

I’m sure I’m not the only one with people, “friends”, on my social media feed with awful opinions. People that support trump, post QAnon shit, covid conspiracy theories, anti masking crap, anti BLM crap, flat out racist shit...

I nearly unfriended them all when I recently got back on Facebook a few months back. But then I felt like that was the wrong thing to do - for one, if I’m seeing their shit, they might be seeing mine. For another, I have some interest in what shit the other side is saying.


I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how much responsibility I should take for educating these people. If I were closer to them, I’d feel more. As it stands, there are three major offenders:

1. A former neighbor who moved away, and who I always knew was an extremely religious idiot but previously I thought he was a friendly benign idiot. I unfriended him as he’s fully irrelevant to my life now.


2. A childhood family friend who I haven’t seen in at least a decade, who lives in Texas now, but I still see other members of his family. His brother is currently our realtor. I am unsure of the rest of the family’s beliefs, but his awful posts make me question that. I looked at my realtor friend’s page and there’s not much revealing, except two slightly questionable posts joking about masks. But of course every time we’ve seen him he’s been appropriately masked.

3. A neighbor of our cabin in the woods. I got into a fight with her probably 5 years back when she posted stupid offensive shit about Obama, and we haven’t talked since. We’ve talked to her husband since then though, and had an interesting conversation with him ahead of the 2016 election. At the time, he was undecided, and I don’t ultimately know who he voted for. He said that trump was promising a lot of good things, I believe mostly about jobs and the economy, and said something like “if he can deliver on even half of it, that’d be great.” We told him about why trump scared us, and of a selection of horribly offensive things he had said. He seemed surprised, and hadn’t heard most of it. He made some statement about how he worked with a Muslim woman, and she seemed nice and normal. (Yeah... It was interesting.) Now his wife is posting vile things on Facebook daily. The other day she flat out postedwhite lives matter” with a picture of that little boy.


Bearddamnheroes is debating approaching them, maybe just the husband, to explain that the things she post send a very specific message to him (he is Hispanic) that she does not value his life and in fact actively wishes him harm, and they know where we live, and ask is that the message they actually intend to be sending? I don’t know if there’s any point. I also know if I were to be the one to do it, I would probably instantly lose my temper. I just feel so hopeless about it. Can you fix people like this? I believe none of them are brilliant, and they’re getting their news from warped bad sources, but is it possible to fix it? Is it my responsibility? Maybe. I just don’t know anymore. All I know is that I scroll by their posts and it makes my blood boil.

Has anyone had success talking to people like this? 

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