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Is it really only Saturday?

Arrested Development starts tonight!!!11! Super excited. Supposed to go watch it at MitsuBT's place. :D

THREE DAY WEEKEND! I'm actually going to have time to get shit done this weekend, AND get to watch AD and maybe even go see Fast & Furious 6.

Anyway, hadn't been on GT in a little while, so I wanted to say hi! How are you guys doing? Did I miss anything? I'm trying to get caught up in GT, but there's so much. I'm glad it's gotten busy over here!


Things with MitsuBT are going really, really, really well. I love spending time with him, and he seems super into me, too. So, yay! We planned an outer island trip in a few weeks when I'm done with school. Which is really weird to me, because we planned and booked it, then I started thinking, wow, I really don't know this guy that well, and we aren't even in any kind of serious relationship and we're going on trips together. Is that weird? Oh well, flights, hotel, and car are booked, so too late now. We had the "we're not seeing anyone else" talk, but stopped just short of defining the relationship. Which I am totally cool with, because I'm still not sure where I want this to go. Right now, it's just a lot of fun.

I taught him how to use chopsticks last night. How the hell do you live in Hawaii for two years and not know how to use chopsticks?! We also went to a "local" bar and he got to meet some of my crazier friends. Everyone got along well, and a good time was had by all. I hadn't seen this particular group of friends in a while, and they were all giving me so much shit about meeting a guy and then not hanging out with them anymore. They even had a bet going before we showed about what he was going to be like. Like, a serious bet, money was being held, everything. Jerks. No one won, though, because they weren't even close. :)

Anywho, just wanted to catch up with you guys before it gets too late. I gotta get some homework and laundry done before I head to his place for an Arrested Development marathon.

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