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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Is it still not possible to get HBOGo by itself?

I'm not trying to sound smug or hipstery when I say I don't understand how cable works, because it's just that I use Netflix and Hulu, among other things, for tv shows. But I think I read something a while ago about HBO offering direct subscriptions to HBOGo and I really want to marathon basically all their shows over the summer, so around 4 this morning I thought I'd try to figure it out. All I can find is some mention of Comcast offering a special bundle with internet and HBO, which I would love to sign up for, but Time Warner is like hardwired in my complex or something (seriously, I don't know how it works).

Does anyone know offhand if this, in fact, does not exist? Paying for full tv is out of the question since it's all sports and kids channels that I have zero interest in. I'm just trying to avoid pirating.


Eta: anyone willing to share their login can have dibs on my firstborn. Or other favors as desired *eyebrow wiggle*

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