Other-Husband and I went to run errands before Husband had to leave for work. While we were out, there was:

A semi-truck driver who tried to turn a corner right in front of us, and then cut it far too close so the back wheels popped up on the curb and nearly took out a telephone pole. Nothing like watching the trailer tip juuuuuust a little further than it really ever should.

So then, we’ve got that genius in front of us, and ANOTHER idiot in a semi turns sharply out in front of that guy! So genius slams on his brakes, we slam on ours, and the second idiot makes his turn by going entirely into oncoming traffic and nearly causing an accident there.

A tiny little car decides to suddenly merge in between us and the semi with no warning/turn signal/looking... just, hey, I’m here! More sudden braking.

A few blocks further down, there’s a THIRD dimwit semi driver, going the other way this time, who is going waaaaay too fast (seriously, he had to be doing at least 40 in a 25), and is laying on his horn because of the Blazer that leisurely skipped the stop sign and pulled right out in front of this speeding truck.


THEN, just for a little variety in the stupid, the bells and gates start up for the train, and we watch 3 teenage girls run across the tracks not 20 feet in front of the massive freight train bearing down on them. And one of them trips. Her friend grabs her and pulls her off the tracks maybe 5 seconds before the train blasts through, horn blaring.

I am officially terrified to leave the house for the rest of the day. People be crazy!