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Is it summer yet?


I'm trying to figure out why I still live in New England. I'm awful with the cold, and hate driving in the snow. Or walking in the snow. Snowed in again with the lil dude today. We made brownies and applesauce. Laundry is mostly done and I brought in and stacked more wood. So it's at least warm and cozy, and I've got chicken defrosting to make for dinner. Hooray for being productive.

I am lucky in that my brother plows so my driveway gets taken care of. And he brought me a coffee! Little brother is the best! And he's a brand new daddy, so up until this new snow seeing my new lil niece has been awesome.

But really- I need a horse friendly environment with beach access and little to no snow. Oooooover it!

That picture is the view from my bedroom window. Laaaaame. The lower area in the front is/was the path from the snowblower.


Anybody else anti winter?

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