The place I'm watching for the weekend has a fantastic looking bath tub. It's long enough for me to stretch out in (yes, I did check last night in my pajamas), it's deep enough for proper lounging, and it has jets. The woman who owns the place has put a pillow in it and a little tray for…whatever it is you put on a bath tray. In googling I've seen snacks, wine and books. I can understand wine and a book, but the last thing I want to do while bathing is eat.

ANYWAY, if this is a HUGE faux pas, let me know because I wanna get in there like yesterday. I house sat for her last month and I didn't have the gumption to do it then so I figured I'd ask the commentariat and either get a "You are right to think that is a tacky-ass thing to do, keep to the shower" or a "Stop with this nonsense, get your ass in that beautiful tub, STAT."

This is a similar set up but not her bathroom: