Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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Is It Them or Me?

I'm kind of drowning in assholes.

This month has produced such a constant flow of assholes that I've reached the point of wondering what I'm doing wrong. Am I doing something to provoke this assholery? Am I doing something to attract assholes? Why I am so consistently blindsided by their assholery? These assholes include my employer (who fired me by email without explanation or warning), a prospective beau (who slept with me & never called again), an ex (who sent a scathing crap email in response to an olive branch), a best friend who generally sucks at being a best friend, & various passive aggressive others.


At a certain point, it's seems ridiculous to assume it's everybody else who has the problem, right? Am I the real asshole?

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