Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Are you guys too happy enjoying the nice weather for a Fuck It Friday? Does everyone have great plans for the weekend, unlike me, since I am working tomorrow and my weekend consists of exactly one day? Because I have a couple of grievances to air and I declare it FUCK IT FRIDAY.

(1) I got called for jury duty. AGAIN. I got called in January 2012*, lost a couple of days to the process and was ultimately rejected. Yesterday my mom calls me at work and tells me I have received another jury summons, this time at her address, where I have not lived for many years. This means I had to get her to drop off the new summons at my place, since I have only 5 days to respond and Ma Finch is going out of town, and I have to go through the multiple piles of paperwork here at Casa Finch so I can find the paperwork from the last jury summons in order to prove that I was called in 2012 and also that they are working from a hella old list if they sent that summons to my mom's address. The sheriff's office has zero sense of humour about these things so I have to deal with it as soon as possible.


(2) I still have sciatica and am miserable. Miserable to the point that I slept so late this morning (it's my day off) that I was shocked when I rolled over and looked at the clock at one point. I dragged myself out of bed and fed and walked the dog ... and then we went back to bed because I was still too sore and grumpy to contemplate any other course of action. I slept for 3 more hours and then got up because I felt guilty for still being in bed at that hour. Now I am up and staggering around but I'm still sore and I don't feel like doing anything, and let me tell you, things need doing around here, big time.

* It might even have been January 2013. I will know AS SOON AS I FIND THE DAMN PAPERWORK.

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