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Is it too late in the day for a fresh cup of coffee?


First off, it smells like candy! Specifically, it smells like a Riesen chocolate chew. And it grinds up better than other coffee beans I've had. The price for the bag was really steep (ha! Get it?), but a $10 bag will last me forever since I'm not a daily coffee drinker.

It's definitely a dark roast, which was apparent the second the water was poured into my French press. I usually drink medium roasts, but I'm excited for this.


The flavor is a lot less intense than it looks. It's super smooth, definitely buttery. I can get a little hint of cinnamon but not enough to be pronounced. I could easily drink a whole cup of this black, and that's saying something considering I usually drink about 50% cream and sugar. It tastes like burnt caramel in a really good way.

After adding cream, it tastes like cake batter! I didn't even bother with sugar, it's rich enough on its own. I'm probably gonna rearrange my furniture at 3am. Worth it!

It's 7:30pm here and I really wanna try this. I can hold out until tomorrow.... I think. Anyway, tell me all about your favorite dessert. I just picked up mine, which is tropical fruit and vanilla pudding. GroupSweets anyone?

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