Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

To feel weird when your friend uses the exact same processional and recessional music in her wedding, even though yours was only a few months ago?

We recently went to a very traditional wedding (except for that part), and it totally threw me off. When I heard the processional, I thought, "Hmm, what a coincidence." I would guess that song is fairly popular for weddings. But the recessional song, not at all. There's also the cultural piece—Jewish weddings don't use the bridal chorus, because Hitler appropriated Wagner's music for the Nazis, which this friend would know because she was one of three people I told beforehand about our song choices and the reason behind them.


Luckily, the songs we chose don't have a lifelong significance (I'd be pissed if they were both songs at my grandmother's wedding, for instance), but I told my husband I still feel some kinda way about my friend asking me for all kinds of help (she also copied much of my decor, with my permission), and then being kinda sneaky about this one thing. Meh, thanks for letting me vent, Groupthink.

P.S. I haven't disappeared! But 1) I got a new job (!) and 2) I've been out of town doing coaching work for the past month-and-a-half. I'd say more but, you know, doxxing and all that.

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