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Is Maryanne Trump Barry Really Clean?

For all appearances the Trump is a closeknit family somewhat Mafiaesque. Donald, Don Jr, Eric, and Ivanka are all his closest advisors along with a son in law. We know Donald uses people, what do we know about his older sister?

She is a Federal Judge on the 3rd Court of Appeals. So she knows the law, the appeals court and would know judges. Yes she is no longer voting on cases. It does not mean she lacks influence.

There are reports she adviced her brother on his SCOTUS pick. What else has she adviced him on. That alone wouldn’t that be a conflict of interest. Wouldn’t it be a conflict to advise on choices that agree with you? If you are an Appeals Court judge you would not want to suggest a SCOTUS choice that will overturn decisions either you voted for in the past or argued for in the present.


Maybe I am paranoid but I see someone in power and in position to aid her brother and financially help herself. Plus a family very, very close

Also what about nepotism laws or is she grandfathered in since she already had the job.

Am I the only one who wonders about her?

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