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Is my psychiatrist...nutty?

I've lived my whole life with really bad allergies and asthma. (The latter is managed, but only with a drug that costs $360 out of pocket per month and an inhaled steroid. This is the tip of the iceberg of my healthcare costs.) I also get sinus infections year round and feel very fatigued, stuffy, and disoriented in the springtime. It's not the worst health problem out there but it's expensive and irritating. Not to mention the steroid nasal sprays etc. suppress my immune system, so I get every virus that comes through my workplace.

How does my psychiatrist come in? Given that I am frequently sick, have to use a rescue inhaler more often and take decongestants daily in the spring, and use steroids, I am a jittery-ass motherfucker who misses a lot of work (stressful) and prefers to take sleeping and anxiety medication to deal with this. She is trying to wean me off of them, which I do understand, and I have taken many of her suggestions to reduce stress and insomnia - journaling, yoga, less caffeine, a healthy diet. That stuff works until springtime comes.


But instead of listening to me she's been pushing vitamins like mad and trying to wean me off of my anxiety and sleeping medications at the time of year I really need them (and refusing to take down an absurdly high dose of SSRI because I won't give up the other meds, which could be disrupting my sleep and stuff anyway). I would totally understand going off of habit-forming medications during seasons where I enjoy better health, but it's not right for me at the moment. Instead of acknowledging this my psychiatrist told me to take two fish oil a day and cut out gluten because "studies show it reduces allergic reactions" and her "friend did it and didn't have any allergies ever again."

I ran this by my allergist, who responded with utter confusion and prescribed me a kickass new nasal spray. She told me to enjoy my bread and take my FDA-approved medication. I understand that studies often lead to new medications like the awesome shot I take for my asthma that keeps me out of the ER, and vitamins can indeed be beneficial (hence my fruit and veggie intake), but I prefer to trust a specialist's advice in their own specialty. I am even taking some of the suggested vitamins because I don't think they'll hurt but my allergies are still bad. I tried to go gluten-free for a bit and it was miserable because I already have enough dietary restrictions. On Tuesday I have an appointment with my primary care physician, because I think I have to quit this lady who is trying to solve a jacked-up immune system when it's not within her purview.

TL;DR my psychiatrist is trying to prescribe vitamins and a gluten-free diet for my allergies. My allergist thinks this is ridiculous. I want Klonopin to help me through the next couple of months of daily Sudafed and occasional rounds of oral steroids. I think I need to ditch the shrink.

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