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Is my roommate going overboard or am I being a real bitch? [Update]

My roommate wants to bug bomb our kitchen. Here’s the setup.

She says she saw a mouse in there the other night go behind the stove. I had the handyman pull the stove out to look for a nest. No nest, no droppings, nada. We found some droppings inside the stove (where the wiring is, not where food is cooked) but who knows how old they were and there wasn’t a lot. It was cleaned out and put back.


She’s been trying to catch mice since I moved in 2 years ago. She caught 2 early on and none since. She claims to hear them, but we’ve never found a nest, never had anything in the pantry or anywhere else chewed on. I really don’t know what the appeal would be for a mouse here.

When I told her a bug bomb won’t do anything because we don’t have bugs she got all upset, yelling that she has to live in it (her room and the kitchen are on a different floor than my room) and wouldn’t I do everything I can if it were me?! Then told me that she saw some “mini roaches” at some point (and acted like I should know that even though she never told me?). Once again, we have roach bait out but I have never seen them and we’ve never found any droppings to indicate their presence. Also she has bug bites on her legs, but hello, mosquitoes from having your windows open all the time while you smoke? Roaches don’t bite.


I don’t doubt that she’s seen them, but I highly doubt that anything has set up shop in our house. The kitchen is, if not “clean”, then tidy. There aren’t any corners for thigns to hide in and again, no food has ever been disturbed. There is a big empty lot behind out house where everyone parks their cars, and I bet they just come in from there and go back out again, so again, bug bombing won’t do anything but piss me off, lock me out of my kitchen for a day, make me throw out a bunch of food, and have to re-clean every item and surface in there. Personally, I’m starting to think she’s cracked with that emotional outburst and accusing me of ruining the good day she just had. All I was trying to do was give her good news that we didn’t have mice living behind our stove. I think she’s just going to drive herself crazy trying to get rid of something that isn’t in the house.

Update: Based on some suggestions here, I asked her if it wouldn’t be better to tell the landlord to bring an exterminator out to inspect the place first. That way we don’t keep self-treating ineffectively. She thought it was a good idea, so I’ll have that taken care of next week. Whew!

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