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Is Mystery Cat being honest about his identity?

Now I know all you ladies have spent months thinking, "Who is that hot cat?" and "How can I show my worth to a high quality cat like that?" Well, I have been doing some digging around the internet and suspect that Mystery Cat might not be honest about who he is.

Recently while interneting, I noticed this picture of a very similar cat who goes by the name of the "Poopmaster General." The Poopmaster General does not appear to know anything about negging. She does not know any of the lyrics to either Methods of Mayhem or other songs in Tommy Lee's extensive solo catalog. She doesn't even appear to wear a fedora. I was pretty shocked and appalled guys and I just want to talk about what might be going on. I've come up with a few theories.


Theory 1: This cat is living a double life

Perhaps she is a lonely cat who really wants to be a pick up artist and is writing about her dreams and fantasies. By day, a fluffy little meatloaf. By night and in her dreams, a suave cat about town.

Theory 2: The story is true but the pictures are not.

Perhaps the name Mystery Cat is not merely a sexy moniker but an essential truth. You shalt not know when you are ensnared in her feline embrace, in the web of her charm, in her wiles because you don't know who she is.


Theory 3: Team Dog is merely using Mystery Cat as a Trojan Horse to infiltrate Groupthink

I mean, why post on Groupthink? I think a lot of people are a bit leery about Pick Up Artists and all of Mystery Cat's bag of tricks. I think maybe it is posted here on an ostensibly feminist board to discredit cats everywhere. It seems like something that Team Dog would do. That and they would chase a ball.


I don't know guys. #snackpack will remain on this case and if any further developments surface, we will let you know.

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