I work with books, and I've noticed that there's a cliche that men prefer to read non-fiction, whereas fiction is for women. I think this depends on some rather broad stereotypes:

Men are prosaic; women are poetic.

Men like FACTS; women like stories.

Men are serious; women are emotional.

Men prefer simple, direct writing; women appreciate finely-crafted writing.

Etc. etc. But I think it's too simple. Non-fiction can include everything from history to philosophy. Fiction can include everything from Alice Munro to Stephenie Meyer (or Raymond Carver to Dan Brown).

I read about 60/40 nonfiction to fiction, but it's all over the place. What I really love falls broadly into "cultural studies," because I like it when people deeply analyze some aspect of our culture.

How about you?

Edit: thanks for all the feedback! It's definitely more complicated than the stereotype!