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Is Noon Too Early To Start Drinking?

Because I'm fucking done.

I really need to focus on studying so I can pass this one class. I had a fair amount of review questions, and was making progress.

Until the professor added more. A lot more.

And I can't even. I have all of today, Monday, and Tuesday-and a substantial part of Wednesday. But I have a study group Monday night, and (hopefully) office hours to go to Tuesday afternoon. Doesn't help that everything is like, so damn discombobulated. Not the wonderful professors fault, but...my mind, it just stopped working.


On top of that, I have to write something by Friday that I've never done before because I was nominated for something. Can't say what yet because I don't want to jinx it. I have to do it so soon because I was notified a few days ago, and since I'm graduating, I have to be safe and submit it before I...I donno, get out? It's complicated. But it's still amazing.

I'm just stressed. Yesterday sewage filled my sink, today the water is ice cold. A woman cut in front of me while I was standing in the twelve items or less line at the store. She had at least thirty items. Five minutes of the cashier telling her that it was twelve items or less. I had eight items. She finally got the message, but I was almost going to step in. Zero fucks.

And to top it off...I don't get a St. Patricks day this year.

Unless I have some wine now or something. I don't even.

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