After the last few weeks (don't even get me started on fluoride) I think it's fair to ask: is our fair state becoming the Florida of the west? Consider the evidence:

Naked person killed doing push-ups in the street? Check.

Young women arrested for twerking, peeing and meth? Check.


CPR-performing governor? Check.

Ad agencies declaring war on comedians/state government failing to create a working health insurance exchange website? Check.


I mean, come on! Idaho made it work, and they elected a governor named Butch Otter!

Throwing out millions of gallons of perfectly drinkable water because some dumbass kid peed in it? Check. Reversing that decision, but making the perfectly drinkable water into a pond instead? Check.


[Bonus points for the teen giving a dutifully bizarre interview about the incident.]


Entire families being trapped in their bedrooms by cats? Check.

Seriously, Oregon, we need to get our shit together. If not, the cats will be in power soon enough.