I have heard, over and over, that women worry far more about their work being acceptable than men — which does makes sense to me. At the moment, it's on my mind because I just agonized over sending research materials to two supervisors — I tweaked the materials for two hours, resulting in maybe a 2% change in content. I have had supervisors express this to me before — that women are far more reluctant to just bite the bullet and send something in, that women want to make sure that it's up to snuff and men are okay with imperfections. That I should just SEND SEND SEND and not worry so much. Intuitively, the gendered nature of the dichotomy makes sense to me — many women, I think, internalize the notion that we have to be virtually perfect in order to succeed, whereas more men seem to take success for granted, ultimately.

But perhaps I'm generalizing — I also wonder if this varies by area (e.g. the academic science world vs. the corporate world). What have your experiences been?