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Is renting getting worse?

So I’ve rented apartments pretty much since I turned 18. And where I live it’s all corporations. Only a few times did I rent from a person who owned a condo.

Up until two years ago I never experienced a complex that demanded I get renter’s insurance. When I was broke and in college I somehow skated by without it. Then once I got my first job, I did purchase it. But it was never a big deal.

The place I’m in now is going bonkers about renter’s insurance. When I signed they needed several forms of proof, and they needed me and my insurance agent to sign it. The complex was pushing their own renter’s insurance as well, so I figured that’s why they made it difficult. Cause they wanted people to buy theirs. OT - why is that legal? Why would I trust a policy brokered in partnership with the complex I’m renting from? Like...what if a fire or something is the complex’s fault? That just doesn’t seem like something that should be legal, but whatever.


Every time my policy is set to expire the complex emails me weeks in advance. This year I got a notification saying if I didn’t give the office the proof of policy on time then they would automatically charge me $30/month for their own insurance.

And this place really isn’t that different from others in the area. All of them have hidden fees/bills beyond the rent price. This place outsources their billing, so I pay a $5 “customer fee” to said billing company every month as well.

I remember in college renting from places that didn’t care if you had pets at all. And then pet fees became more common in my area. Sometimes it was an extra security deposit that you could get back. Sometimes it was a nonrefundable monthly “pet rent.” The place I’m in now wanted both.

And of course...rent just keeps climbing. It’s cheaper to sign in the winter, but now I’m noticing places literally won’t let you sign a lease that expires in the winter. Three apartments ago when I went to sign a lease in Dec, they gave me the option of a 6-month lease (so ending in June), or an 18-month lease.


Am I just being too sensitive about this stuff? Has it always been this bad and I just never noticed? I’m sure it’s a lot to do with where you are too.

Rent is already such a massive burden alone. I know that and job location is what keeps a lot of people in my generation from buying anything. So many of my friends basically had to go live with their parents for a year so they could save up enough to afford a down payment on a house or condo.


What do you guys think? Do you think renting is getting worse? Also feel free to rant about renting in general. I’m so sick of it myself, but don’t see a way out.

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