So I go to a very liberal LAC (well, I guess LAU) in New England. Senior year hasn't even started and we already have our second engagement.

I thought getting engaged in college was out of style. I thought people lived together for a few years or dated around, etc. I'm also from NYC and my parents got married later in life, so maybe I'm out of touch.

Anyway, I don't know how to feel about this. I shudder when I see these FB announcements (oh jesus, and to announce it on FB). My current relationship—my first "stable" one, I guess, since it's lasted a while despite this rough patch—does not feel like one I would want to be in forever, so maybe I'm jealous. (Jealous of love, not early matrimony). But I also think there are very legitimate reasons not to get engaged so early.


Thoughts? If I'm in the minority, I have to do some serious romantic/emotional catching up. I don't want to be alone forever because I was too naive not to "nab" someone in college (Susan Patton hello?)

P.S. One of my coworkers, a sophomore, asked me if I thought about marrying my boyfriend. We've been together about five months, two of which have been long-distance.