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I read a couple of years a novel about a woman who just turned 50. She was a brilliant teacher at a university. She suddenly started forgetting simple things. It increased and she was diagnosed with early altzheimers. Her husband went from partner to caretaker. The ending was devestating she had a nurse and both daughters were home and she had no idea who they were to her she only called them actress and mommy. One was an actress the other a mother.


Now we have Isles slowly forgetting stuff. I fear this last season will mirror that novel. When Jane Rizzoli told Isles jokingly she loved her for letting her mother move in I got the promonition her mother and Jane will be Isles caretaker.

They need to tread carefully by doing this as accurately as possible. Accurately in terms of Isles health issues with her brain.


The novel was Alice something. Oddly the character that injured Isles in the head was called Alice. Allusion to novel?

So far its been a good season. I wish it went on for many more years.

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