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Is She Weird or Am I?: Guest Bed Edition

My co-worker’s sister is visiting this weekend, so we were talking about sleeping arrangements. She said that when she has guests, she sleeps in the guest bed and the guests sleep in her room. Her logic for this is that her bed is bigger, more comfortable, and has a private bath. To me, this just seems weird. I can kind of understand it when your “guest bed” is a pull-out couch, but when it is a real bed in a bedroom, it just seems odd. For me, it is somewhat of a personal thing. I would feel deeply uncomfortable sleeping in somebody else’s bed. To me, the bedroom is a very personal, private space. Just being in somebody else’s bedroom is awkward to me. The people she has stay it it are people like her friend’s that she sees once a year and such, so friends but not necessarily close friends you share that kind of intimacy with. The ones this weekend are her nephews...I feel like if I were a late teens/early twenties boy, staying in my aunt’s bedroom would pass beyond awkward into super duper awkward.

So, am I weird in thinking as a guest I would hate this and much rather have the guest bed? Or, is she doing the right, polite hostess thing?


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