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Is the anti-PC brigade ever going to go away?

Because I am so sick of feeling like the only sane one in my office. So much terrible offensive "humor" and I seem to perpetually be the only person in the world who doesn't think it's funny. Here are a few examples from just the past few days:

Exhibit A: Halloween costumes were being discussed. A friend we'll call B (one of my closest friends at work) laughed that he heard a guy had an offensive costume where he dressed up as Ray Rice dragging a Janay Rice doll. Several other people laughed. I looked horrified, and everyone laughed at my horror. B then noted, "Well, I said it was offensive." Yeah, that doesn't negate that you also thought it was funny.


Later in the same conversation, I wondered how many people were going to have offensive Ebola costumes. Everyone was confused about what could possibly be offensive about Ebola costumes. I said, "Um. The fact that it's a real public health issue, and a lot of people have died and are currently dying from it?" B said, "Huh. I guess I didn't think of it like that."

Exhibit B: People were talking about football. Another friend we'll call C (one who I get along with only if we can avoid political and religious conversations) brought up that she doesn't understand why people get all offended over team names like "Indians" and "Chiefs". I said, "Because it is offensive." She rolled her eyes and asked why. I said, "Because they're a real group of people who still exist, and they're being caricatured..." She interrupted to explain that Indians should just take it as a compliment, you know. We're only doing it because we think so highly of them. Didn't you know that turning a race into a mascot is the highest form of flattery? (Those may not have been her exact words; it was hard to hear over the steam pouring out my ears.) Friend D (who I generally respect a great deal) jumped in at some point to agree with C and said, "I mean, I guess Redskins could maybe be offensive." I said something to the effect of, "Are you kidding?? Redskins is 100% offensive; it's a RACIAL SLUR." C rolled her eyes and said "Well I think people just get way too offended over nothing these days." At this point, my blood was boiling and I dropped it, because I was afraid I was about to have a stroke if I didn't.

Exhibit C: Daily, I have to hear about some "hilarious" joke from Family Guy or South Park, which half the time is just gross, and the other half sounds awful and offensive. I used to like those shows way back when, but they seem to have lost their clever satire elements and become just stupid bro humor. And even when there is still some clever satire in the actual show, you'd never know it from the retelling by my coworkers. That should tell you how much of that "satire" is lost completely on the audience, who just thinks it's funny that the show is defying the PC Police. (I think that might be why Chapelle quit...) Whatever. I guess I should be glad that Tosh.0 appears to have gone out of style and no one is talking about it anymore.


I'm just really tired of being the humorless Social Justice Warrior of my office. I would love to be able to just turn it off and care less, but I don't seem to have that ability.

ETA Exhibit D: Just overheard in the next cube, "She's not fat; she has a 'metabolism problem,'" followed by both parties laughing.

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