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Is "The Magicians" TV show any good?

To preface, I couldn’t get into the Magicians books at all, because the main character was such a resounding “nice guy” and something about the way it was written really sat in my mouth like rust. But I saw the article about it on io9, and I’ve been looking at clips, and I really like the special effects they’ve been using for the magic, and just the general lighting and visual atmosphere (production design can make or break shows for me).

With that said, is it actually any good? I haven’t heard any buzz about it, and of course io9 doesn’t recap everything like mad the way it used to, so I’m a bit lost. I especially want to know if its female characters are worth anything, because one of the things that really got under my skin in the book’s first chapters was the way the women were so sketchily written. If the female characters suck, I will just weep gently and move on.


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