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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Is the tide turning?

I used to live in Lancaster, PA. The city itself is pretty progressive but the surrounding suburbs and rest of the county is about what you would suspect from an area best known for the Amish who live there. Their house representative is a pretty douchey Republican, Lloyd Smucker. I canvassed for his opponent in the last election cycle but he maintained his position. Anyway, I still get his constituent emails.

Today I got an email from Lloyd Smucker’s office with a poll about the impeachment inquiry that was phrased relatively unbiasedly and wasn’t a fake poll that linked to fundraising. Anyway, I’m sure the majority of the poll answers will be raving Trump supporters because of the area and I think people tend to not sign up for mailing lists of the Congress people they hate. I just thought it was interesting.


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