You may have seen an ad running around the Olympics involving the two-man luge. The tag line is 'The games have always been a little gay. Let's fight to keep them that way.'

My first impression was that it was funny and that it would stir up some drama - the kind of drama I like - the kind that makes homophobic people upset. The video was produced by a guy that is one of our regulars at the restaurant I cook at and I can imagine it was intended to stir up shit, knowing the awesome dude that made it. Well, I was right, it has stirred up some shit.…

Seems the American two-man luge team is all upset because people call them gay all the time as a joke and it hurts their feelings. Anyway, I thought that my feelings on this matter would be better expressed through shitty comics than words. So I drew you a very shitty comic. Here you go GT:


Why can't those guys be as cool as the Canadian bobsled guys? In other news, the Canadian Bobsled team's website is blocked in Russia, presumably because the Russian government thinks the shirtless photo is too gay.