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Is The Word "Ain't" Just About Extinct Or Regional?

We were watching the 1955 movie Oklahoma with Shirley Jones. We only saw the first half. My mother wanted to watch Lawrence O’Donnell.

Anyways I noticed the frequent use of the word “ain’t”. It is I slang for “am not”. I do recall in the 70s grade school annoying our teachers (nuns) with it. But  was not natural for any of us.

I have not heard it said in a casual conversation since the late 80s. I have never seen it written in a post or comment here or on usenet in late 90s.


No idea why anyone could not just say “I’m  not” since saying “I ain’t” buys you nothing in terms of abbreviations or saying it. Its still five letters and two words.

So is it going extinct?

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