Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

I am other at work in appearance and job function. The appearance part I am used to, and the job function part I've tried my best to kind of shrug it off but it's becoming too much. I've convinced myself that the people I work with do not give shits (or know) what it is I do here.

I've brought it up to my boss a couple times here and there, however does anyone have experience with broaching the subject and not sounding like a whiney asshole? I just want to feel a little more "included" so to speak. We have a public praise system that doesn't apply to me (and only me) and some other small items like that that are kind of wearing on me.


tl;dr do I try to find the value in the importance of my job and focus on that or do I say something?

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