TW this is the most offensive thing i have ever read in my life. Sexism and racism are prevalent in this blog post. This is also a subject relating to weight. Read at your own risk, this is fucking awful.

Why fat girls don't deserve to be loved

A popular lie that the fat woman acceptance movement pushes is that skinny people are somehow "shallow" or dumb. The reality is the reverse: the dumbest people in America are also the fattest. The racial group with the highest obesity rate, blacks, is also the one with the lowest average IQ; Asians have the lowest obesity rate and the highest IQ. The kinds of white people who are overweight or obese are the lowest achieving ones: rednecks, trailer park dwellers and Juggalos. Go to Wall Street, Ithaca's Collegetown, the Chicago Loop or anywhere else that successful, smart people gather: not a single fatso to be seen, aside from tourists.

This Matt Forney dickbag is fucking disgusting, yeah. Is there a word that is beyond rage? I'm so far beyond rage right now.

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