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Welcome To The Bitchery

Is there such a thing as "pre-hoarding"?

Like, you know how you can be prediabetic? I feel like Homey might be a prehoarder.

We bought bookcases last weekend so this week has been about clearing off the old ones, dusting, etc. to make the big transition. Only, even with the new bookcases, we will not have enough room for all our books. (We both were English majors till he switched to library science... you can imagine.)


I’ve been pretty ruthless about getting rid of stuff that I know I’m not going to read again. We’ve moved upwards of 10 boxes of books across the country multiple times. It’s time to let go!

But Homey’s struggling.

Today, it was a little bit of a fight to get him to let go of a book he’s had for 10+ years, has never read, shows no real interest in reading, all because “isn’t it supposed to be good?” Who cares if it’s good if you’re not going to read it?


Ultimately, he did put it into the “donate” pile but why was it even a hesitation?

He also holds onto stuff because “it might be worth something someday.” Or gifts that people have given him that he doesn’t like/use or even can’t use (see VHS tapes) must be held onto because “they cost someone money.” Ok, but if you don’t/can’t use them, are they really valuable?


Don’t get me wrong, you can see our floors and everything and he does like things neat. We’re not living under piles of newspapers or anything. I just feel like things could be much neater if we didn’t have to hold onto junk.

How do I get him to let go of some of this stuff?

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