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Is this a common dog thing?

We buy my dog rawhide bones. Up until a few weeks ago, we'd give him a bone, and over a few days, he'd chew on it until it was gone.

Then, he invented a game. I call it: Convincing himself that we are out to get him.


He positions himself close to us, then drops his bone. He watches us, waiting for any sign that we might move towards the bone. He looks away, pretending to ignore us. He might even saunter away a few steps and try to act nonchalant.

The second one of us moves, though, he pounces on the bone, gives us a paranoid glare, and runs off to his hidey hole. Five minutes later, he repeats the process. This is our entire evening: Trying to convince the dog that we have no interest in his slobbery rawhide.

Anyone else have a dog with a persecution complex?

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